Being in Sharon's presence is to already be blessed hugely. She radiates an extraordinary willingness to do and to be whatever it will take to improve the quality of others’ lives. Although incredibly qualified she never operates from ego and will put, as I call it, in her every act of humble service the yellow marigolds on.


– Catherine Rolt –

Why work with me


I use a combination of different therapeutic modalities as well as spiritual counselling and vortex healing to support your needs. Every therapy is unique to each individual client and every session.

I am a great believer in ongoing professional training to improve my skill sets and to be constantly making sure that I am clear from any of my own stuff.  So I can be fully present and hearted centred for my clients.

I hold a safe space of love, deep understanding and respect, supporting you with whatever you’re going through. Together we will find a way through and out the other side.

I am deeply insightful and wise not because I am anyone special but because of my own life's struggles and the courage to face my fears and hurts.

If I am honest I don’t like saying I can do this or I can do that for you, instead, I would ask you to read some of the testimonies on this website so you see what my clients say.





My Services


Divine Therapy

Admitting you need help when you are struggling is not always easy to do, especially when you are in need of therapy. Divine Therapy is a mixture of different therapeutic modalities to support the individual needs of my clients. People often come to me when they are going through something big like trauma, a life crisis, a loss  - or feeling deeply unhappy and lost in their life. If you need some wise counsel or someone to talk with outside your family or friendship circle...I am here for you no matter what you’re going through. I work in a confidential, loving space of compassion and understanding.

60-minute DT session via Zoom £45

90-minute DT session via zoom incorporating and Vortex Healing  £60

Colors in Motion series. Backdrop of fractal spiral elements and textures on the subject of creativity, science and design

Vortex healing

Has a transformative impact both emotionally and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body. Vortex Healing is designed to facilitate an accelerated spiritual process to awaken to your true essence. Although the healing tools of Vortex Healing generate physical and emotional health (and they do so fantastically), on a deeper level they also engage a process with the divine that facilitates the deepest movement of healing that is possible. It works almost like magic, you just need an open heart to receive it.

60-minute session £45


Sacred Ceremonies

Supports you every step of the way from early diagnosis to bedside vigils. As a D.I.Y funeral guide, I help you plan a beautiful funeral that celebrates your life and ceremonial care of the body that respectfully prepares your body for its final journey. I lovingly ease the passage of your dying through a range of gentle therapies that soothe and ensure that you die in a gentle and dignified way. While also supporting your loved ones in their grief. I am deeply passionate about supporting people to die in the comfort of your own home.

£20 an hour for bedside vigils and care. Prices for funerals are dependant on your needs.

From the moment I heard your voice, the voice of an angel, I felt supported and understood, you gave me kindness and compassion and I looked forward to hearing from you. Our sessions together helped me recover from the trauma of betrayal. You gave me the confidence to move forward and helped me understand why it happened.


– Jenny Way, Author & Poet   –

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